ATOMIC chess


Hello! My name is Sergey Krakov and you've come to my atomic page. Long ago when I started to play (actually 5 month ago) I found that there is hardly any info about atomic chess on the internet. Some pages had rules but they are not easy to understand and I wanted to know more about openings, strategies and learn from some better players'.
Since then I've learned a lot about this game mainly by playing lots and lots of games and studying very hard. Now I want to make it easy for new players to learn the game so they can enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out the linkes to find what you're looking for :)

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Editor's note (May 2009): siggemannen's page has been unaltered except for diagrams / addition of material from other versions of his site in order to create a complete and unabridged version.  Also, the starting date for his page appears to be from around November 2004.