An Atomic Bildungsroman

I first began my atomic chess pages way back on 21 July 2002 and they were hosted at one of my old websites,  I had actually begun some study of atomic chess prior to that time, but after starting my website, I studied atomic chess a lot more.  The site has transformed itself over […]

Letters from Readers

I love getting email from readers. Here’s a few of them from over the years. Most of it is about atomic chess, but sometimes it’s about the other sections of the website. Gannet (29-September-2016) Hello,I have read through your atomic chess page several times, and wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the content. […]

Vlasov and Atomix(C)

For many people, when they search for information on atomic chess they’re bound to come upon Vlasov’s ATOMIC-HOMEPAGE.  The crowning achievement of this webpage is the innumerable people that have been introduced to atomic by reading that webpage.  But it’s also a bit empty and one is left wondering… Who exactly was Vlasov? Vlasov was an […]