ICS Interview – Gnejs

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 013 – GNEJSInterviewed August 2019First published September 2019 INTERVIEWER Thanks for doing this interview. You played bughouse and crazyhouse on FICS for many years in the 1990s. Then you took a break for a while. What made you come back to playing? GNEJS Well I suppose the question is […]

Atomic on FICS

This section was first written on 21 June 2006 and I’m simply reposting the original text of that article here until I expand it at a later date. When Atomic was added onto FICS around Feburary 2003 after a long wait, I decided to make a duplicate account in order to play atomic on FICS […]

Atomic on ICC

ICC was the first major server to implement a version of atomic chess.  However, their version of atomic chess differs from standard atomic rules.  In ICC’s version of atomic chess, there are no checks.  That might not seem like much, but it completely changes certain atomic chess endgames and openings.  For example, K+R v K […]

Silver Era of Atomic Chess (2000-2003)

I consider atomic chess history to be divided into distinct eras, with their own related stories.  The second such era would obviously be the silver age of atomic chess, going by the traditional methodology of naming eras within history.  I date this period from between late 2000 throughout the end of 2003.  This period of […]

The 1998 World Atomic Chess Championship

A few years after atomic had been introduced to the internet chess community, there was a strong community developed of strong players (akin to the development of the bughouse community).  However, unlike bughouse — there was always a chance to truly know who the best player was and that was put into action during MEWIS’ […]

Atomic on MEWIS

I haven’t been able to find as many files as I thought I had from MEWIS – but what little I do have is preserved here to share with others.  I’ve managed to secure an old atomic best list from MEWIS and the finger files of a few notable players from this period in atomic […]

Atomic on GICS

Atomic was introduced to the ICS world on November 27, 1995 on the German Internet Chess Server.  Needless to say, the birthplace of atomic was on GICS.  And it was on GICS that the infant game found its first years rich with games and players.  The first masters and eekers came into being at GICS.  […]

ICS Interview – siggemannen

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 012 – SIGGEMANNEN Interviewed March 2019 First published June 2019 INTERVIEWER Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as part of the ICS Interviews series. SIGGEMANNEN Thank you for the opportunity to get interviewed! It feels nice to be featured among the more famous ICSers! INTERVIEWER When did you first start playing chess online? […]

ICS Interview – MoltenThinker

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 011 – MOLTENTHINKER Interviewed March 2019 First published April 2019 INTERVIEWER Why did you agree to this interview? MOLTENTHINKER I agreed to do this interview for two reasons. First, because you have taken many high quality interviews of players who I truly admire and consider to be my friends. […]

ICS Interview – Comet

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 010 – COMET Interview begun March 2011, concluded May 2013 First published March 2019 INTERVIEWER Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as part of the ICS Interviews project. I’m sure several players are eager to hear from you as you’ve disappeared from the ICSscene being last spotted in early 2000. Do you still play chess […]