Atomic Openings 1995-1996

The Wild Wild West era of atomic chess opening theory stretched from roughly 27 November 1995 to 7 November 1996. I’ve collected as many games and other tidbits related to internet chess history, especially for chess variants as I could. Despite my efforts, I only have 26 games from the entirety of this period of time. The earliest game in my collection is a game between esha (2291) and JoelH (1990) on Tuesday, March 26, 1996 played on the German Internet Chess Server (GICS). Due to the limited space available back then, clearly only very few games survived from the early days of chess on the Internet. Most of the opening theory from this period of time got codified in the Atomix book, which I’ve written about briefly in an introduction to the history of atomic chess openings.

Here’s all the 27 games I possess from this era in atomic opening history:

First recorded atomic chess series:

(JoelH won 4-2)

And thus ends the games collection of the Wild Wild West era of atomic chess. Thanks to tipau for his commentary about the openings of this era – if you prefer to view all the games in one spot and progress through them at your leisure: is also a valid link.

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