The 2022 Lichess Atomic Chess World Championship 1. Scope 1.1 The Lichess Atomic Chess World Championship for 2022 is to open the registration period on 1 August 2022. The registration period will end at 00:00 UTC on 1 September 2022. The first round of matches will commence at 00:00 UTC on 12 September 2022 and continue […]

The 2019 Atomic World Championships

Format: Modified single-knockout with a cut at the top 8, with potential additions beyond this point, transforming to double-knockout. The 2018 Atomic World Championship was a double elimination knockout tournament that was run surprisingly well, but had a number of incidents that the rules have been changed/modified to address. First and foremost, the double knockout […]

The 2018 Atomic World Championships

For the third year in a row, tipau organized an Atomic World Championship on lichess, following the successful organization of the 2016 and 2017 editions. Challonge was once again used – as this was a double elimination knockout format. The bracket can be found at: This year, the entrants list topped out at 65 […]

The 2017 Atomic World Championships

After the successful completion of the 2016 Atomic World Championship, tipau ran another edition in 2017. There were 44 entrants for this edition: Seed Name Rating Best Average 1 onubense 2813 2813 2813 2 Arka50 2641 2824 2733 3 tipau 2629 2805 2717 4 pashpash 2612 2745 2679 5 OneFallWeAllFall 2552 2642 2597 6 moustruito […]

The 2016 Atomic World Championships

11 years after the 2005 Atomic World Championships were run, another ‘official’ World Championship was organized by tipau. These Championships were run on and with his kind permission, I’ve copied and mirrored his site for those championships that he’s run. There were 41 entrants to the 2016 Championships: Seed Name Rating Best Average 1 […]

The 2005 Atomic World Championships

The 2005 Atomic World Championships were held on FICS from October 1st, 2005 to December 1st, 2005.  It was run as an open knockout match-format tournament – all of the games and rules have been preserved below – I ran this tournament and sometime, I’ll add some funny anecdotes about this tournament.  But this was […]

FIDA Ratings (1 Dec 2005)

1st FIDA Ratings 1.Dec.2005 ID Name AGM Norms Avg Rating Tot 5 12 Rat Gam 3 0 Rat Gam 1 0 Rat Gam ========================================================================================== 0001 tipau(AGM) 0 2316 40 2220 8 2432 16 2297 16 0002 siggemannen(AWC)0 2432 30 2374 6 2432 12 2489 12 0003 TCK 1 2294 20 2316 4 2287 8 2278 […]

Silver Era of Atomic Chess (2000-2003)

I consider atomic chess history to be divided into distinct eras, with their own related stories.  The second such era would obviously be the silver age of atomic chess, going by the traditional methodology of naming eras within history.  I date this period from between late 2000 throughout the end of 2003.  This period of […]

ICS Interview – siggemannen

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 012 – SIGGEMANNEN Interviewed March 2019 First published June 2019 INTERVIEWER Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as part of the ICS Interviews series. SIGGEMANNEN Thank you for the opportunity to get interviewed! It feels nice to be featured among the more famous ICSers! INTERVIEWER When did you first start playing chess online? […]

ICS Interview – MoltenThinker

THE ICS INTERVIEWS SERIES – No. 011 – MOLTENTHINKER Interviewed March 2019 First published April 2019 INTERVIEWER Why did you agree to this interview? MOLTENTHINKER I agreed to do this interview for two reasons. First, because you have taken many high quality interviews of players who I truly admire and consider to be my friends. […]